​Mission: We enrich lives through engaging learning experiences.

Our partnerships promote individual growth & enhance the community's quality of life.

Thomas Dunn Learning Center is on a mission to recruit South St. Louis teenagers (13 through19) who may have a desire to learn about and assist their neighborhoods as well as the St. Louis Region. 

This Council will participate in designing programming for South St. Louis and TDLC, develop service projects, community outreach initiatives, and have a load of fun. The Southside Youth Council will serve as ambassadors for change and progress in their communities. Teens will be provided training through a free two-week Leadership summer camp atTDLC, where they will focus on education, preparation, project planning and implementation and where they will develop their exceptional gifts and strong leadership potential.

If you have any candidates in mind or need more information, 314.353.3050 or email Alex@tdunn.org. 

Southside Youth Council

TDLC Summer Day Camps

During the summer, we offer a variety of different summer camps that may include, cooking, coding, clay, music mixing, and more! Most of them last for a few hours every day for a week and most of them are for teenagers between the ages of 10 and 19, but some camps are a little different. Whatever you're interested in, we're bound to have a camp you'd love!  

To register for Thomas Dunn Learning Center free camps (in blue ink) Click  here

We offer some of our camps through a partnership with Playtime Recreation; if you want to attend one of those camps, you need to sign up through Playtime Recreation's registration page